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One Earth Film Fest March 7, 2 p.m. at the Catlow Theater

8 Billion Angels weaves together the voices of people around the world to help us fully understand the human impact on ecology. Local environmental groups will be on hand to provide a range of action steps.  Free event but please register.

About Go Green Barrington

Our Mission


The mission of Go Green Barrington is to raise environmental awareness in the Barrington area and to inspire people to take individual actions to make a difference.   Go Green Barrington works with community groups as well as individual residents, businesses, and government bodies to educate and advocate on behalf of the Earth and its people.   Each step by each person in our community is a step closer to making the Barrington area a cleaner, healthier place to live.  

Get Involved


Are you passionate about reducing plastic waste and taking other steps to help the environment?   Would you like to hear speakers on particular topics?   Let us know!  We are always looking for new members and new ideas to help us make our vision a reality.

We encourage attendance at events and volunteer opportunities hosted by our Green Partners.  

Contact  us  to  add  your  event  to  our  list.

Green Partners


Barrington joins in the fight for the environment!  Go Green Barrington is an active member of Go Green Illinois. 

Look at this list of just some of the many groups all acting as stewards of the environment:

Barrington Area Conservation Trust

Citizens for Conservation

Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club

Mindful Waste

Smart Farms of Barrington

Illinois Ocean Coalition

Go Green Initiatives

Shedd The Straw


Help Reduce Plastic Straw Waste.   

Go Green Barrington is partnering with Shedd Aquarium in asking our local restaurant owners to Shedd the Straw!   Instead of automatically providing straws, we ask restaurants to provide straws only to those patrons who ask for them.  

What can you do?   Tell your server about the campaign to reduce plastic straw waste.  Use an environmentally friendly option or skip the straw altogether!   Many small steps can add up to a big impact.    

Improve Recycling

recycling symbol

The first priority is to Reduce and Refuse especially single use plastic, but when you must dispose of an item, sort and search out proper recycling centers.   

FOR EXAMPLE:  How do you recycle old artificial holiday trees?  Where can I take styrofoam? Where can I take a mattress that is beyond use by a charity?   


 Go Green Barrington works to educate residents about recycling and to advocate for more recycling resources in our Village.    

Reduce Plastic Waste

plastic cups in trash can

ONE HUNDRED Olympic Swimming pools-- that is what it would take to hold the 11 million pounds of plastic pollution in Lake Michigan.  Single-use plastic, designed to be used once and then thrown away, is a major contributor.   

Go Green Barrington works to inspire each person to reduce his or her use of single-use plastics.   We also advocate for laws to reduce single-use plastic in the state of Illinois.    

Raise your voice against plastic pollution!



Join us for "Green Drinks" when people who believe in the environment meet, learn, and discuss ways to help.  Free & informal.  Everyone is welcome!     

 Go  Green  at  South  Barrington.  

Feb.  19,  7  p.m.  at  the  Arboretum  of  South  Barrington  (100  W.  Higgins  Road,  Suite  L-1 ,  between  Georgio’s  and  Cooper’s  Hawk).   Free  Presentation  by  Mary  Beth  Schaye,  Zero  Waste  Consultant  for  Collective  Resource, Inc., the company leading the way in food waste reduction.

Green Drinks. Feb. 26, 7 p.m. Upstairs at McGonigal’s Pub (105 S. Cook St.).  Hear Ashley Marinko from The Illinois Green Alliance!    This  energetic speaker  will  captivate  the  audience  with  news  about  the  Alliance’s  work  to  implement  green  building  practices  and  her  own  background  at  Seven  Generations  Ahead.     Great program  for  all  ages!

Go Solar!



A residence uses 10,399 kilowatt hrs.  

Every kilowatt hour of electricity produced from fossil fuels generates 1.84 lbs of carbon dioxide.   

Learn more about solar:

Test a Solar Calculator on your house:

Advocate For Reduction of Single-Use Plastics

Follow These Steps From Shedd Aquarium:

Communities across Illinois and the Great Lakes region are already taking action to curb plastic pollution, but we need to make sure the scale and pace of action matches the enormity of the problem.

Raise your voice today!

Please call your state legislators today and let them know that you support laws that reduce single-use plastic in the state of Illinois. You can find your representative and their phone number at Illinois Policy by clicking on the image of the Illinois Capitol.   Then share this message directly:

            I am a constituent of Representative/Senator ______and I live in _______. I am calling on Representative/Senator _______ today to support legislation that will reduce single-use plastic in Illinois.

            The Great Lakes provides drinking water for more than 40 million people and supports 3,500+ species of plants and animals. Our local waters are an essential part of our local environment and economy. They are too precious to foul with plastic pollution.

            I hope I can count on the representative's/senator's support.

            Thank you for your time.

Your voice can make a difference.   Join in fighting plastic pollution!


Curbside Recycling -No bags in bin!


Go Green recommends REFUSING single use plastic and REDUCING waste in general.    Before you place things in your curbside recycling bin, make sure they are clean and dry.  Follow this flyer.  More information on specific items below.  


Try an Interactive Guide

Another great resource from Illinois EPA

Go Green Recommends Refuse & Reduce, especially single-use plastic. When we must dispose of something, SORTING leads to a better chance of recycling. Things such as Textiles and Thin Plastic Film must go to Special Recycling Centers

Old Clothes & Worn Shoes


Drop off old clothes, worn out pieces of fabric, and even worn out shoes:

Prairieland Disposal,  

21988 N. Pepper Road, 

Lake Barrington, IL 



Take it to these locations instead:

  • Abt Electronics, 1200 N. Milwaukee Ave. (White styrofoam, no peanuts)
  • Algonquin Public Works, 110 Meyer Drive (both colored and white styrofoam) 
  • Or Drop off on Go Green porches. Contact us for more information

Thin Plastic called "Film"


Take all thin plastic film to bins at Jewel or click the image to find other locations. This includes water softener bags, cereal box liners, and any plastic "film."

Craft Supplies


Did you start a craft project but never finish?  Please donate your  unwanted art supplies and tools to 

Brushwood Center Art Supply Exchange at 

Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods,

21850 N. Riverwoods Rd. 

 Riverwoods, IL 60015 



Take corks to 

Barrington Public Works, 

300 N. Raymond Ave. from Nov. 19, 2018 to March 31, 2019

Many Other Special Recycling Spots


Many more things can be recycled at special locations but should not be put in the curbside bin.  

Use TerraCycle Bin to Increase Recycling of Specific Items

Want to do more?  TerraCycle sponsors programs for the return of a variety of items  from contact lenses to Gillette Razors to snack and chip bags to tape dispensers and much more.   These are all items that should not be placed in the curbside bin but they can be repurposed if sorted and sent it.   Can your organization sponsor a TerraCycle collection?  

More Steps We Can Take

Harms of Salt!


Chloride hurts plants and animals and never leaves the system! Thanks to McHenry County Division of Water Resources for these tips about the impacts and proper use of salt. 



One of the biggest items in landfills is organic waste.   Go Green Barrington supports reduction of food waste and composting.   Mindful Waste is an organization leading the way in the Northwest Suburbs on food waste reduction.   Please click this link to learn more.    

Stop Idling!


12 Million Gallons of Fuel is Wasted by Idling in the U.S.  Every Day!

10 Seconds of Idling wastes more fuel than restarting.  

Natural Lawn Care


Research before you apply chemicals to your lawn.   Some cause dangerous run off to the water supply and harm wildlife.   Another good practice is to  "Raise the Blade" and keep your grass longer.

Do Not Flush Old Drugs


Flushing unused medication will allow it to enter the water supply.   Drop it off at Walgreens in Lake Zurich (910 Rand Road) or CVS in Crystal Lake.   

Empty Pill Bottles may be sent to: Matthew 25: Ministries, 11060 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242 or message Go Green for other locations.

Ban Coal Tar Sealants


Coal tar sealants may cause cancer and harm wildlife.   Asphalt based sealants are a good substitute.   Research the companies you hire and the products you use.

Sustainable Fashion Ideas

After our showing of the film RIVERBLUE (see, many asked us for ideas on sustainable fashion.   

Start with buying fewer items and investigate how & where things are made.  Visit these sites and click the buttons below for handouts.

Events In And Around Barrington

We strive to include all the events in the area related to the environment.  Please contact us to add your event to the list.   

No upcoming events.

More Information on Solar

ISEA Public Education Presentation PG 1-19 (pdf)


Restaurants Adopting "Shedd the Straw"


Visit These Restaurants and Say Thank You!

Pine Food Company

Egg Harbor

Francesca's Famiglia

Yankee Doodle Inn

Southern Belle's

The Onion Pub

Ciao Baby

Farmhouse on North

Cook Street Coffee

Know Of Another? Send us a message so we can include it.

Learn More About The Program:

Green Partners


Citizens for Conservation

Dedicated to preserving the environment, Citizens for Conservation provides information on native plants and ways to volunteer to help our community.   

Barrington Area Conservation Trust

Dedicated to preserving the community's rare and exceptional open spaces and educating the next generation of land stewards.  Learn more about what you can do on your own land to help the environment.

Go Green Illinois

Go Green Illinois works to encourage and support the establishment of citizen's environmental groups in every community in the northern suburbs, to share best practices among the groups and to collaborate on addressing environmental challenges that cross municipal boundaries.  Learn about how to manage stormwater, how to use solar panels, and much more.

Mindful Waste

Mindful Waste works to eliminate food waste through prevention, education, and recovery.

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